Before posting jobs on CakeResume, users are required to register first and set up a career page. For more information, please check "How to Set Up a Career Page for My Company?".

Add New Jobs

Enter the company page and click on “+New Job” to post jobs.

Edit the Job 

Enter the job you would like to edit. You can use the icon on the upper-right corner of the page to manage the job.

: Edit the job.Untuk mengedit postingan pekerjaan.

: To copy paste and create new job posting.

: To hide job posting, only people who has the link can see the postings.

: Paused the job posting.

: Delete the job posting. After deleting, you can still see the application records of job applicants.

More information about "Hide" and "Pause", please click How to Hide/Pause/Delete a Job Posting?