Every team member added to Career Page on CakeResume is assigned to one of four admin permission levels: Owner, Admin, Applicant manager, or Member.


There is only one owner for each Career Page, and the owner can transfer ownership to another member. As an owner of Career Page on CakeResume, you are the only one having permission to delete the page.


As an admin of Career Page on CakeResume, you have access to -

  • Edit information on Career Page 
    (i.e. company summary, products or services, mission, employee benefits, FAQ, and etc.)
  • Add and edit all job postings
  • View and manage all job applicants
  • Manage other team members’ roles and permissions
  • Assign job post permissions to applicant managers
  • Add new team members

Applicant manager
For specific job posts assigned by admin, applicant manager can

  • Edit the specific job postings
  • View and manage job applicants of the specific job postings


As a member of Career Page on CakeResume, you have no access to edit company profile and job postings, and you are not able to view any job applicants.

* Note: 

Applicant managers and members can view all jobs posted by the company (including the hidden ones), but they don’t have access to edit them (applicant managers can only edit the jobs assigned by admins).

* Note: 

New admin roles & permissions features were launched in July 2020. Previous Career Page team members would automatically be set as “Admin” by default. Each company can adjust the roles & permissions accordingly based on hiring needs and processes.

How to Manage Admin Roles & Permissions on Career Page?

1. Enter the company page and click on “Team”.

2. Select a team member and click on the menu below to unfold the drop-down.

3. Edit roles and assign job post permissions.