In the process of job hunting, aside from your resume, cover letter is another crucial factor for you to win a position.

CakeResume provides a space for cover letter before you submit your application, allowing employers to quickly get to know you before opening your resume.

Below we’re going to briefly introduce you the functions related to cover letter on CakeResume. 

I. Create Template

You can create a template for your cover letter, and then find the content in "My Template" for future use. In this way, you can quickly generate a personalized cover letter by one click. But remember to add some modifications for different positions if necessary.

II. Edit Cover Letter

After successfully submitting your application, you can still find the cover letter in “Dashboard” > "Applied Jobs". You can edit and make changes to it before the employer has read it. However, please note that you won't be able to edit it once the employer has read it. So, we advise you to double-check your cover letter before the initial submission.

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