As an employer (or job seeker), you may want to monitor a candidate's (or employer's) response rate and response time to better anticipate when to expect a reply before sending a message.

CakeResume now offers a new feature to support this need. With this release, you can easily view a user's "Response Rate" and "Response Time" on their Profile, Messages, Portfolio, ATS, and Talent Search Engine.

CakeResume calculates the "Response Rate" and "Response Time" using the following criteria:

1. Replies must be sent within 24 hours to be considered valid responses.

2. Only the most recent 300 messages are factored into the calculation.

3. Messages that contribute to the "Response Rate" and "Average Response Time" include general conversations and message requests.

4. Messages that do not affect the "Response Rate" and "Average Response Time" include archived conversations and messages reported as spam.

5. A reply must take the form of a message (e.g., text, emoji, attachment, etc.). 

6. Should you receive a connection or message request, clicking only the "accept" button is not enough and will not count as a reply. A follow-up message must be sent after accepting the request to be considered a reply.

7. However, clicking the "ignore" button is enough and will count as a reply to a connection or message request. A follow-up message will not be needed. 

How to Earn a Badge:

To receive a badge, a user must have a response rate of 90% and above, along with a response time of 15 minutes and less. This will be calculated based on their most recent 300 messages.

Important Note

Please note that a user's "response rate" and "response time" do not necessarily guarantee whether they will respond or not. Real-world situations depend on individuals, and we encourage employers and job seekers to communicate with respect and understanding.