Three ways to contact talents on Talent Search Engine:

    1.  Contact number, E-mail 

  • Click to copy contact number and send an email.

    2. Instant Messaging

  • You can start a conversation with talent. 

    3. Invite talents to your job

  • Choose company and job title
  • Edit template massage
  • Send invitation

    Note: Monthly limit of 5 talent invitations for basic plan / 30 for advanced plan.

This image shows the default template message for inviting a talent with CakeResume. You can edit and make your own message. Once you edit your message, the edited version will appear automatically when you are sending another invitation in the future as your default message. And you can edit it again if required.

Advanced tips for improving talents'/candidates' response rate:

  1. Please simply say “hi” or “hey” to the person you want to connect and briefly introduce yourself or your company.
  2. Get to “Why You’re Writing”—and Fast. This is the most crucial part of your writing.
  3. If you want a more customized message, you can simply give approval to or show interest in the person’s public information. Another thing you can do is to mention the person’s company name or past experience to show that you actually looked into the person’s profile, making the message even more personal.
  4. In the end, remember to give the person a reason to respond to your message. You can take the initiative to let the person know what your calendar looks like or ask what opportunities he/she is currently looking for. Try to make the conversation active and developmental.

Complete these four simple steps to increase your message response rate!