If there is mojibake after downloading the CSV file from Talent Search Engine folder (opened with Excel), you can solve it in the following ways:

【Solution A】

1. After downloading the CSV file, right click and open it by “Notepad”.

2. After opening notepad, click on “Save as” to save the file or overwrite the old file directly. Save and close.

3. Right click to select the file again and open it with Excel. It can now be displayed in a normal condition.

【Solution B】

1. Create a new blank Excel workbook. Click on “From Text” in “Data” tab and import the CSV file. (For Mac OS, select “Import” from “File”, select the CSV file.)

2. Select “65001: Unicode (UTF-8)” at “File origin” and click on "Next".

3. Check “Comma” and uncheck other boxes. Click “Finish”.