Unfortunately, it is impossible to repeat the coding test once you've completed it. The only exception is when encountered a technical issue or unavoidable interruptions occurred, you may seek our assistance for reset. 

Here's a tip for how to get familiar with test environments and performance to the best:

At your 'Dashboard' 

> click on 'Coding Tests

> click on 'Challenge Now' > 'Get Started'. 

Now the page is redirected to the coding test page 'JobEspresso Test'.

> click on 'VIEW SAMPLE TEST' before hitting 'NEXT'.

On the 'Sample Test Instructions" page, click the arrows and go through the instructions 

>  hit 'START' for a 30 minutes sample test. 

On the Demo Test page

> you could click on 'VIEW TASK' to get started on the sample test. 

Once you've previewed all tasks, hit 'FINISH THE TEST' on the bottom right corner. 

Now you've finished the demo test and may go back to the main test. 

Once redirected to JobEspresso Test page and after done viewing sample test > click on 'NEXT' to terms and conditions page. 

When you're finally ready to enter the official test, check all boxes to 'START'.