You can find the resumes and candidates you want by entering keywords and setting the search condition.

For search rules of talent search engine, please refer to the following information:

1. Complete match

If you add a double quotation to the “keyword”, the search result will only display the keywords that appear in the double quotation. For example:

If you search “JAVA”, there will only be the results of JAVA, not java or javaScript.

If you search “JAVA talent” (with space), only the results that match “Java talent” will appear.

If you search for JAVA talent, all results including “JAVA” and “talent” will appear.

2. Remove B from the result of A (English only)

Any two keywords, such as keyword A and keyword B, which are with “-” in the middle will lead to the result with A but B. 

For example, if you search java - script, the search will only display the results of java but script.

3. Screener