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  • If you are not a CakeResume member, please register first. Then you can start to create the company page.

  • If you have registered as a CakeResume member, you can create a company page after signing in.

  • When filling company information, please pay attention to the following points:

  • 『Tax ID Number / VAT』: Number to prove your company registered in Taiwan. Not required for offshore company.
  • 『Email』: Email where the company wants to receive notification of the applications.
  • 『Website』: Required, but you can replace it with your social media page if your official website is not launched yet.
  • 『Logo』: Square images are recommended (Best image size: pixels 500x500, < 5MB)
  • 『Cover Image』: Horizontally long square images are recommended (Best image size: pixels 1500x500, < 5MB)