Customizing resume's domain name is one of the functions for "Pro" plan users. Please check the pricing page for more information. -

"Pro" plan users can customize domain names for each of the resume. 

Please read the instruction below:

1. Inform us of your domain (It requires some operation on our side to complete the process.)

2. Build a CNAME record on your domain name provider. Please take reference from GoDaddy's method:

  1. From the "Type" drop-down menu, select "CNAME"
  2. Fill in the subdomain you would like to use to build NAME record on "Host". For instance, "www".
  3. Fill "" in the "Points To" column. 

After finishing the procedure above, CakeResume Tech Support Team will assist you with confirming if the setting is complete. Feel free to contact us via email (dev+custom-domain@cakeresume.comif you have any problems.