CakeResume provides many nicely-designed templates and supports multimedia files, allowing users to easily create a personalized resume page. You can insert photos, videos, slides, PDF, and etc..

1. Go to the Dashboard, click on "Resumes". You can create new resumes through the following ways:


(1) Export your profile to a resume

After finishing filling in all the personal information on Dashboard, click on "Export your profile to a resume".

(2) Create a whole new resume

Select "Make resume from scratch".

If you would like to edit your existing resume, click on "Edit" in the lower-left corner to bring up the editor.

Resume Editor components:

  1. Resume Template List: You can select any resume template you would like to use here. Use the filter above to filter templates based on their type.
  2. Text Editor: This will be shown when the text is clicked. You can format texts, paragraphs, or insert icons with it.
  3. Template Management: You can move, copy, or delete the templates as well as view and edit the source code.