We understand that you may have some questions during the CakeResume Meet review process. Below, we have prepared some examples for your reference!

✅ Clear Profile Photo

✅ Brief Personal Introduction in 3 Sentences

✅ Intriguing "Ask Me Anything (AMA)" Topics

I. Clear Profile Photo

✅ Qualified Profile Photo: Must be of the individual and show clear facial features.

Unqualified Profile Photo: Not of the individual, unclear facial features (wearing a mask or showing the back, etc.).

(Photo by KM Bermillo on Unsplash )

(Photo by gryffyn m on Unsplash )

II. Brief Personal Introduction in 3 Sentences

We recommend providing a brief three-sentence introduction to help CakeResume Meet users quickly get to know you and showcase your personal characteristics to increase matching probability!

III. Intriguing "Ask Me Anything (AMA)" Topics

In the AMA section, offer topics you can share to help initiate discussions quickly after a successful match!