What is Cake (formerly CakeResume) Meet?

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Cake Meet is a social networking platform where professionals from diverse backgrounds can meet, connect and converse with one another. 

  • How to Join Cake Meet?

  • How to Connect?

How to Join Cake Meet?

You can join Cake Meet by clicking here or the link below:

Upon receiving an invitation to participate in Cake Meet, you will be able to access the feature within your Cake App ("Meet" will appear in your tabs between "Search" and "Message".) 

Enter the Meet tab and select "Join" to complete your Meet profile set-up. Once completed, your Meet profile will be created and sent for review. To ensure a secure and professional networking environment for everyone using Cake, we will be manually reviewing each individual's profile.

To learn more about the review process, please visit here.

Profile Setup

Select Your Role(s):
There are 6 types of networking categories one can choose from to meet and connect with:

  • Employer 

  • Headhunter

  • Job Seeker

  • Mentor

  • Professional

  • Student / Intern 

This same category will also apply to your self-identity. As we understand that you might fall under multiple identities, you can select as many roles as you deem fit for your identity during set-up.

Select Who You are Interested in Meeting:

Apart from selecting your own roles, you can also choose the type of professionals you'd like to meet. 

Please note: you can only select one role type during the set-up stage. However, you can always update your networking preference by clicking and selecting from the "Meet {Category}" dropdown. 

By confirming who you are and who you are interested in meeting, our algorithm can then accurately show, match, and connect you with individuals who are relevant and meet your requirements.

Select the Topic(s) You are Interested in Learning and Sharing About:

Besides, choosing who you are interested in meeting within Cake Meet. You can also choose the type of topics you are interested in learning and sharing. 

With the variety of roles available and the possibility of your goal using Meet changing overtime, you may find yourself switching between a "Learner" vs. a "Sharer" during your career. 

The topics you select here will be available for others viewing your Match profile to see. Once you successfully match with another professional within Meet, you will see the mutual topic of interests between you and your match. 

How to Connect?

You can simply swipe left or right on Meet profiles that you come across to indicate your interest (or lack of). Swiping right indicates your interest in matching with the individual. Swiping left indicates your lack of interest. 

Cake Meet provides all users with up to 20 swipes every day. The count resets at 00:00.

Please note: any swipes left unused will not be carried over to the next day.

If you wish to gain additional bonus swipes, you can invite your network to use your exclusive referral code to join Cake Meet. 

To learn more about the invitation process and referral code usage, please visit here.  

Upon successful matching (both you and the other individual swipe right on each other), you will receive a notification. Once you have matched, you can officially kickstart your conversation with the other individual!

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