To create a professional networks on CakeResume, you'll need to send connection invitation to the people you're interested in. 

In CakeResume's job search community, you can send "relationship connection" invitations to users who also create personal profiles on CakeResume. 

In addition to inviting friends, there are several usage scenarios:

  • Job seeker invites current employees of ideal company, HR: Asking for job search advice
  • Job seekers invite professionals in the same field: exchange professional knowledge with each other
  • Employers Invite Potential Candidates: Invitation to Apply for the Job Openings
  • Headhunting consultants invite candidates who meet the needs: provide job opportunities

After becoming a contact, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate the contact person's workplace ability
  • Invite contacts to evaluate your workplace competencies
  • More features are coming soon, so stay tuned!

How to add friends? You need to select the menu on the left hand side of the "Dashboard", click "Connection", please refer to the following methods:

  1. Click "Import my Contacts" in the upper right corner to start invitations from contacts in Google, Slack, and Outlook. If the other party does not have a CakeResume account, the invitation sent will lead the first-time user of CakeResume to complete the account registration process first, then connect with you.
  2. On the "Explore" tab, you can see the people who have invited you. The system will also classify people who are in the same company as you, people in the same school as you, and people in the same field as you. Thus, you can find friends who can build relationships faster. 
  3. In the "Community" header tab, creators who often post articles or sharers in a certain professional field, if they are interested in further communication, they can click on the other person's profile picture and send an invitation directly.

The above methods can help you build a network of contacts in CakeResume step by step. By establishing good interpersonal relationships, I believe it can bring more help to your career path!