There are 2 ways to link portfolios to resumes.

At Dashboard, click on "My Portfolio" from the left sidebar. 

Option 1:


  1. Click on "Link to a resume" on the upper right side of the "My Portfolio" page. A list of resumes appears. 

  2. To link portfolio(s) to resume(s), make sure the On/Off button is set "On" for the specific resume(s).

  3. On the "My Resume" page, the "Linked with portfolio" wording appears on the successfully linked resumes.

Option 2:


You can also link portfolio(s) to resume(s) at resume editor.


  1. Make sure your resume is published once done editing. 

  2. Once published, the "Link with your portfolio" option will appear on the upper side of the editor.  Check the box to link your resume to the portfolio page. 

  3. At the same time, the "PORTFOLIO" button will also appear on the page.