You can edit your profile to increase your visibility.

1. Complete Personal Profile

Your introduction is shown in the “Talent Search Engine” results. Embed appropriate keywords so that your profile shows up when employers search for certain keywords or subscribe to talent-match notifications.

2. Fill Out and Update Skill Sets on a Regular Basis

In the "Professional Background" under personal profile, you can add skills and tools that you are good at. These tags allow employers to find you more easily.

3. Set Job Criteria

Under “Professional Background” of personal profile, setting job criteria will also increase your visibility. This information is displayed next to your resume when employers find you through "Talent Search Engine".

4.  Resume Privacy Setting - Public

Last but not least, don't forget to set the resume privacy option to "Public" to make it easier for CakeResume employers as well as other employers to find you.

If you do not wish your resume to appear in "Talent Search Engine" results, you can change the setting__.png to "Any person with the link and any employer on the platform".