Where can I Set Privacy Options

1. Go to the main console, click on the icon__.png in the lower-right corner to go to resume settings and privacy.

2. Privacy settings can also be adjusted by clicking the upper-right “Share” button in the resume editor scr.


CakeResume Resume Privacy Settings


Anyone on the Internet can access and view it without logging into CakeResume.

This option is suitable for those who are using CakeResume as a personal branding website.

Who can view it: anyone, including people who find your resume via search engine results.


Anyone with the Link and CakeResume Employers:

Anyone who has the link(does not require login) and employers on CakeResume can view it.

Who can view it: people who have the link and employers on CakeResume.

Who cannot view it: search engines, people without the link.


People with Links Only:

Anyone with the link can view it without having to log in.

Who can view it: people with links (This also includes employers that you applied jobs to via CakeResume).

Who cannot view it: employers on CakeResume, search engines, people without the link.